Vickie Tharp

Scheduling and Financial Coordinator

 Hello, I’m Vickie.  I joined Dr. Witters practice in 2013 shortly after he moved to his current location in Kettering.  I have been in the dental field since 2001.  I enjoy talking to our patients and helping with their appointment scheduling.  I also help our patients with any financial needs, from pre-authorizations to setting up payment agreements for large treatment plans.  I understand a healthy beautiful smile can sometimes be expensive and I work to find arrangements that work well with our patient’s budgets.

On a personal note, my family has lived in Miami Township since 1996.  We transferred here from South Carolina.  I was born and raised in the Deep South, so I will always be a Southern Girl at heart.  My husband, Jay & I have been married 35 years in January (2017).  We have been blessed with three amazing children and now two adorable granddaughters.

I very much enjoy working with Dr. Witters and his staff.  For a small practice we are a close knit group and enjoy spending time with each other at work and outside the dental office.